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How to Save Webpages in PDF Format in iOS 11

Save Web pages in PDF format in iOS 11

Learn How to Save Web pages in PDF format in iOS 11 using the simple share options on your iOS device with a simple trick. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

    Saving of the webpages is almost required by anyone as all of the users get interested in some topics being discussed on the webpage and they would like to save it for easy access in the future. Now as for saving the webpages there is a number of good web browsers that have the inbuilt functions for saving the web pages to the HTML format or to the web format. But the format that is saved by these browsers are not always good and there is a number of issues inside the saved pages. The users, therefore, tend to save the web pages to the PDF format so that they could be able to see the info, man inside it easily and also share the information with the others for the convenient access. Now talking about the saving of the webpages to the PDF format, no browser has this function inbuilt ( most of them). For the computer browsers, there might be a number of browsers having this function to save the web pages to PDF format but we are here talking about the iOS 11. If any of the users are willing to save the browser pages to the PDF format they would have to utilize some of the different ways or the methods. Here in this article, we have just written about the method through which the web pages could be saved on the iOS 11 but not in the HTML or other formats but in the PDF format. If anyone of you is keen to know about this method then they could know about it through reading the below-given information. So just carry on with the main part of the article now!

How to Save Web pages in PDF format in iOS 11

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow the simple step by step guide discussed below to proceed.

Steps to Save Web pages in PDF format in iOS 11:

#1 The method of saving the webpages is really easy and you won’t find it much easier than this on the internet. Most of the times the users tend to use the third-party apps for the purpose of getting the exact PDF files for the web pages downloaded to their device but now by the time the Web browsers are molded and made more efficient that all such features are already implemented inside them.

#2 Now this method is to share you regarding the option for the saving of PDF files to the iOS 11. Basically, we are going to tell you about the web browser that could be used to make up the saving of the PDF files. The web browser is Safari browser and more prominently all of the users would be familiar with this name as this is one of the most popular browsers for the smartphone devices as well as computer devices.
Save Web pages in PDF format in iOS 11

#3 Now to save the web pages to PDF files simply tap on the share button inside the Safari browser after opening your related page and you would be presented with a number of different sharing options. Among those options will be the PDF option, just choose that and you will notice that the page is saved to your device as a pdf file. You could access that page easily through the file manager or use the downloads section of the safari browser.

 So at the end of this article, you have now got enough information regarding the method through which the users could be able to download the web pages into the PDF format files and hence utilize them all to read about the inside information or for the sharing purposes. It is the easiest way to get this done and you people might have got to know about that through reading the whole of the article. Just apply the methods in the above article and get the benefits out of it. For any queries related to this article, you could contact us or share us your opinions through the comments section below. Do share this post with others so that other people could also grab the knowledge embedded inside!


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