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Best Way To Overcome Smartphone Addiction

We all know very well that nowadays smartphones are the new addictive devices (Smartphone). As they simply determine our everyday life and not only provide us with endless information, they also give us the opportunity to cheer us up in boring hours.

This Phone Helps To Overcome Smartphone Addiction

Smartphones are the new addictive devices. They determine our everyday life and not only provide us with endless information, they also give us the opportunity to cheer us up in boring hours.

These feelings are associated with touch, namely on the mobile phone display. With us, all the typical wiping, scrolling and typing movements are already anchored so that we would be downright missing if we would get a Dumb Phone from the 2000s.

For those who are really addicted to their smartphone and cannot imagine spending a minute without their cell phone, these moves are just as important as the information on the display. The whole thing could be compared with the addiction of a smoker.

For him or her, it’s not just about the taste or the nicotine of the cigarette. A very important part, also makes that between the fingers holding the stub. Anyone who stops smoking usually misses that feeling. Something is missing on the hand.

The so-called “Substitute Phone” is to help with the weaning of the cell phone. The device, if you can really call it that, is made of heavy, high-quality plastic. In the middle is a set of stone beads embedded, where you can move along with your fingers to simulate various typical display gestures. The beads can be rolled, giving it a similar smooth feel as a cell phone screen. The phone is available in different versions.
The “Substitute Phone” was designed by designer Klemens Schillinger, whose goal was to build cell phones that allow physical stimulation but not normal connectivity. That’s how he wants to improve our relationship with digital devices. As a role model, he has actually made the addiction of a smoker. The writer Umberto Eco had namely, when trying to stop smoking, replaced the cigarette with a small stick.

Another designer piece Schillingers is the offline lamp. It turns on only when you place a smartphone-sized in a drawer under the light source. Both products have a very interesting approach.
So, what do you think about this? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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